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"Live Your Dream Award"  

The Soroptimist "Live Your Dream Award" assists women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills and employment prospects.  Women who are currently enrolled in a vocational/skills program or undergraduate degree program; do not have a graduate degree; provide the primary financial support for themselves and their dependents; and, have not previously been awarded a Women's Opportunity Award or a Live Your Dream award are eligible.  DEADLINE FOR 2018 APPLICATIONS IS DECEMBER 17, 2017.  WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN APRIL, 2018 AT OUR ANNUAL AWARDS LUNCHEON IN CHANDLER, AZ
The Live Your Dream Awards involves three levels of cash awards. The program begins at the local Soroptimist club-level, where award amounts vary. Local-level award recipients become eligible for region-level awards that include additional non-restricted awards.  Region-level award recipients then become eligible to receive one of three international-level awards.

"Economic empowerment is the process of women gaining control and freedom over their financial decisions. This power at an individual level positively affects the larger society through a reduction in violence, a gain in education levels and a stronger economy.


However, structural gender inequalities such as gender stereotypes and violence exist that impede the progress of women and their economic empowerment. Putting all women on their path to economic empowerment will call for a quality education for girls and women, a greater value placed on women’s unpaid work and a change in cultural attitudes."


Since the Live Your Dream Awards program began in 1972, millions of dollars in education grants have been disbursed to assist tens of thousands of women achieve their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families! 

Interested in applying for the  2018 Live Your Dream Awards? CLICK HERE:

For questions, contact Judy Register at or at 602-670-7507.


SI of the San Tans

Info Graphic SISTSoroptimist means “best for women” and that’s what we strive to be – an organization of women at their best helping other women to be their best.  As a volunteer organization of business and professional women we feel uniquely qualified to help women and girls live their dreams.  Soroptimist’s mission is to improve the lives of women and girls, in our local communities and throughout the world.  Soroptimist members belong to local clubs, which determine the focus of volunteer work and support to their communities. 

We help women and children locally and internationally by:

  • supporting moms who are financial heads of households pursing an education
  • assisting girls facing obstacles to success
  • giving to families with health issues and facing homelessness
  • working to prevent domestic violence and sexual trafficking
  • participating in programs providing food assistance and combating poverty
  • empowering women to reach their potential

SI of the San Tans (SIST) is based in Chandler, AZ and meets Thursdays at noon to conduct program meetings with guest speakers and business meetings to plan our fundraising events and community service activities.

Our club has been serving the East Valley since January 1984 and is a part of the Golden West Region of Soroptimist International of the Americasand Soroptimist International, the second largest non-governmental organization in the United Nations with over 100,000 members in 110 countries around the world.  In addition to local projects, we use our international voice and consultative status with United Nations committees to advocate on the behalf of women’s issues.

Signature Programs:

Each spring we have our inspirational Awards Luncheon where we give cash grants to head-of-household women seeking to improve their lives through education or training in order to Live their Dreams.  
  • Live Your Dream Awards – for women who are financial heads of household and need training, education or upgraded skills to earn a livable wage.  
  • Non-Profit Partner Award - to a local organization with programs supporting women and/or girls
  • Saturday of Service - dedicating the first Saturday of March toward volunteering with a non-profit organization in the community
  • Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls - a program to help girls in secondary schoosl who face obstacles to their future success, providing them with access to professional role models and career education
  • Food drives and cell phone collections - for the local food bank and the Victim Services division of Chandler Police Deparment
  • Fall Gratitude Gathering– members and friends gather before Thanksgiving to share things we are grateful for; this is an inspirational luncheon with stories, poems, laughs and tears

Contact Us:

    Soroptimist International of the San Tans

    P.O. Box 1213
    Chandler, AZ 85244


    Soroptimist International of the San Tans is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  

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    Soroptimist Intl of the San Tans